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Do you sometimes feel as if, when you look an animal in the eyes, they are on the verge of speech? I always imagine when I see a cat he is going to somehow ask me to follow him and I will end up in some sort of Miyazaki paradise.

I say this because the building that I live in is full of cat people (i know…ew). Not that I hate cats or anything, just cat people. In fact, if someone were to present me with a Cat Bus (see below) I would be pretty thrilled. (In saying this I realise that some people will loathe me because I am a ferret person. I know…ew. But im cool ok!?)

Anyways, one of the upstairs residents- lets call him “Foyer-Pooper” (can you guess why? I dont live in a bad neighbourhood I swear!) has this really creepy cat with huge yellow saucer eyes and every time I hang up the washing he just stares out at me, never breaking eye contact, never moving.

I find myself falling into long staring contests with the thing, which I always seem to lose. It could be the cat is trying to tell me to save him from the probable mounds of human doodoo in Foyer-Poopers apartment- but more likely the cat is an a**hole.

To finish off the post, please find an adorable penquin picture for your enjoyment.