For The Love Of Books

I just had to share this…so much love.


Paper Jungle

If only right!?!

My dream is to have a house soon that has one room dedicated to shoes, and one room dedicated to books. I know we all have fancy Ipads and ebook readers these days but there is nothing like the feel of a book in your hands is there?

I am one of those people that reads about 5 books at once, for several reasons. One, since I have already read most of the books that I read it serves to keep my attention and secondly because I always suffer an hour of deep depression once a book ends because I have emotionally invested in the story and the characters, so I like to prolong the amount of time spent with the book….

That sounds a tad dramatic and clingy doesn’t it?

Right now I am reading:

Rise Of A Merchant Prince by Raymond E Feist

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

and shamefully the latest Matthew Reilly Scarecrow book….

I am pretty much DYING for the next Brent Weeks Black Prism book to come out which keeps getting delayed!

What are you all reading right now?