Sneak Peek: MBFWA Day one

To say I am exhausted would be an understatement.

To the untrained eye, standing (or sitting) around all day watching fashion shows sounds like an awfully frivolous and easy job- which when you compare to toiling in fields or down mines probably is.

Nevertheless, six inch heels and 10 fashion shows in one day makes for a fair few grumpy media kids.

Despite this, Fashion Week is fantastic in all of its out of touch glory… its like being transported to another world, an escapism which fashion is really all about.

Here is a sneak peek at day one of my cray cray week and keep track of more at Breakfast With Audrey.



Last week I hit LMFF in Melbourne as one of the L’Oreal Paris Insider Official Bloggers which was a whirlwind ten days of fashion, interviews, typing away furiously and a few too many champagnes!

When I was approached by the guys from Stockholm Street Style, I tried to play it cool but ended up sounding like a toootal goober. Here are a collection of some highlights from LMFF with more to come!

1. Papped by Stockholm Street Style: Top- Topshop, Shorts- Mossman, Shoes and Jacket- Zara, Bag- Alexander Wang, Necklace- C/O the Iconic.

2. Spotted on Harpers Bazaar Au shot by the delightful Oh Jamie. Top- Zara, Necklace- C/O The Iconic

3. Featured on the L’Oreal Paris Australia Facebook Tab with my other lovely Insider bloggers.

4. Spot my interview with the divine Paula Joye!

Flash At Tash

Hey kids! Here is a little snapshot of some of my favourite accessories of the moment. I tend to be the sort of person that wears things to death and accessories are no exception.

Of course, after being asked to participate in the Samantha Wills Style Sessions blogger edit and getting my hands on so many SW goodies, these have worked their way into my daily repertoire in a serious way.

So much so that the glittering collars style necklaces that are more night time than day are worn almost every day. I feel like they just bring a certain joie de vivre to any outfit, whether it be a simple jeans and tee look or a fancypants night time affair.

The other thing that is my new absolute fave is my My Secret Agent Lover Man 24K gold skull bracelet which just makes my arm party situation so much brighter! He is sitting right next to my grandfathers watch that I have worn pretty much every single day since he passed away, its so weird that I now feel naked without it.

Other musts in my accessories rotation are my gold metal cuff belt, and make sure you peep that amazing SW cuff in that last photo teamed with a pretty schweet L’avion scarf that I appropriated into a skirt.


Hence the appropriately named blog post title. Todd seems to think it invites all of you to be sending me pictures of your unmentionables and I have to say I welcome the idea…send away!

Heading down to Melbourne for LMFF this week to cover all the shows as one of the official L’Oreal bloggers so stay tuned for some Melbs action!

P.S When I mean nothing underneath I do not mean sans underwear. I was def wearing underwear…

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Ok, so it was more like cocktails, canapes and sneakily sending photos of engagement rings to Todd *shakes fist*.

The Tiffany’s team kindly invited us to their Christmas night last year along with a couple of my fave bloggers to revel in the caroling festivities, enjoy a drink, eat some food and do some shopping.

This is me looking very awkward on the duck egg blue carpet as a photographer asked me to awkwardly foot model my similarly colored shoes.

Let me tell you now folks, I am definitely not cut out for the challenging and off-balance world of foot modeling.

I’m wearing my bestie Netta’s Zara blazer, Asos lace overlay dress, Shoes from a boutique in Melbourne, Gold Metal Cuff belt from Korea, YSL Arty Ring and Alexander Wang bag.

Samantha Wills + Vintage Dressups = Magical

Last year, my partner in crime at work Pip and I organised a vintage photoshoot on a balmy spring day in Centennial Park, styling looks around the amazing that is Samantha Wills. 

One of my fave bloggers Em from Spin Dizzy Fall also starred in the shoot and the incredible photos are taken by Nicole Cooper from Confident Liar.

You can peep all of the shots and where to buy everything at BWA


Once again, here I am playing blog catch ups…

One of my new years resolutions is to get the passion back into writing.

My job means I am writing a huge amount of content every day and sometimes it sucks the fun out of what is one of the most enjoyable things in the world to me.

Stay tuned for a blog overhaul, a new header and some consistent writing (I hope!).

I want to take you all behind the scenes with me for those who care, and for those that don’t I am sure I will be retarded enough to keep you entertained.

Too keep you up to speed on what my face looks like, check the below- one of my favourite outfits to date for its Versace-esque prints and colours- thanking Fairground and Mother & Father PR

Shady Days

Sunglass Hut has been very good to me over the last few months and has showered several AMAZING shades upon me including Prada’s Baroque’s and the January Jones inspired Versace’s.

I haven’t really done anything style related on here below so here goes!

Below is an assortment of sunnies/accessories related snaps from MBFFS, the Pedestrian TV and Sunglass Hut Bloggers Lunch, the Tiffany’s launch and the launch of Ode To No One’s collection in Seduce.