Sneak Peek: MBFWA Day one

To say I am exhausted would be an understatement.

To the untrained eye, standing (or sitting) around all day watching fashion shows sounds like an awfully frivolous and easy job- which when you compare to toiling in fields or down mines probably is.

Nevertheless, six inch heels and 10 fashion shows in one day makes for a fair few grumpy media kids.

Despite this, Fashion Week is fantastic in all of its out of touch glory… its like being transported to another world, an escapism which fashion is really all about.

Here is a sneak peek at day one of my cray cray week and keep track of more at Breakfast With Audrey.


Fashion Week Highlights

Its pretty hard to condense four weeks worth of constant fashion feeds into one post, and thus I have done this badly.

This is but a small snippet of my favourites from all the Fall 2012 madness, but it’s a start!

Lindsey Wixon in this amazing chain mail-esque Versace gown

Margaret Zhang from Shine By Three in this faux jumpsuit…simply stunning!

Digital Print genius from none other than Prabal Gurung.

A relaxed aesthetic means a chic outcome at Doo.Ri.

Love for Alexander Wang knows no bounds.

Rodarte discovered inspiration in the Australian outback- thrilled they know where we are!

Marchesa wedding dress…be mine!

Images:, via BWA

Pop of colour, some would even say Colour Pop

My non-fashion industry friends often make fun of the “fashion” speak I sometimes employ when writing for BWA.

I try to steer away from cliched phrases like “fashionista” (there are so many more) but sometimes they are just so easy to whack in there- and when you are writing so many articles a week with a deadline- sometimes my literary prowess is trumped by laziness.

I am guilty of using the phrase “colour pop” which I cop so much for! I used it once (possibly twice)! Geez.

Anyways- look forward to  spring/summer season full of COLOUR POPPING. I love the bold colours on the runways, especially the hot pinks and cobalts.

See some inspiration below.




Rodarte, Marchesa, Marc by Marc, Thakoon, Doo.Ri, Prabal Gurung = O Face (Part 2)

Rodarte…generally etherial and beautiful and totally unwearable, is still visionary this season but is actually wearable! If only i had a few extra grand lying around…not sure about their plaid on plaid though (not pictured below) (cos its pretty fug)





Marchesa Resort 2011…Totally would wear some of these as my wedding dress…





Images courtesy of,

Fashion Fail

I havent posted in forever, for various reasons that i’m sure none of you really care about. Shoots are definitely coming soon and a giveaway is in the works. If anybody has a spare alpaca around town, I would really like to borrow him for a day…