Some of my nerd crushes happening right now.

P.S If you read anything over the next few days (I have already gushed about it I know) please read Dr. Charlie Teo’s Australia Day address. 


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Locomotion, Slow Motion

Do you sometimes feel as if the world is just moving at 1000 miles an hour and you are scrambling to keep up? Does that sound really emo? Probably. Lets balance that out with super awesome slow motion pictures of puppies (because who doesn’t like puppies) and other sundry items- i.e crayons and balloons and such.

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The Borrowers

As all of you know I am all about the ol’ book learnin’.

The Borrowers was always one of my favourite stories growing up and as with most people that have seen anything Ghibli, I am a die hard Miyazaki fan.

So I was thrilled to discover that the latest Miyazaki masterpiece was none other than Kari-gurashi no Arietti or The Secret World Of Arrietty (which is the title that will be released with the American version that Disney has got their grubby hands all over).

I know it sounds like a total hipster wank thing to say but I prefer watching anything Miyazaki with the original voices and subtitles because it seems more genuine and besides, the incredible illustrations are so descriptive you almost don’t need the subtitles.

I strongly suggest that you get your hands on a copy!


I got totally inspired when I saw Ralph Lauren’s campaign featuring some very real, murderous looking Australian crims of the 1920’s.

Boys, you can definitely take some style notes here- there is nothing sexier than a dapper gentleman.

I also love the gritty-ness of the photos that is almost impossible to recreate in any genuine way. In an age where “the gritty reboot” runs rampant in Hollywood, its good to see Ralph Lauren using real life inspiration- even if they are bloodthirsty criminals!

Everyone loves a bad boy.


Dreaming Of The Day

For those of you that know me and Todd know that THE question has been a long time coming and is looming…or else….(shakes fist menacingly at Todd).

Here are a few of my inspirations for the dress that will mark one of the most important moments of my life.

Images: Gary Pepper Vintage shot by Zanita, Jaime Lee FB Page


Hey yall!

It has been a long few weeks since I have blogged but that is mainly because I have been crazy busy.

We shot a super fun vintage inspired photoshoot the other week which was styled around Samantha Wills pieces which I positively adore. The series was shot by the incredibly Nicole form Confident Liar, and starred myself and Pip from Breakfast With Audrey and Em from Spin Dizzy Fall

In other news, I styled a lovely pastel themed shoot for my photog friend Dave, which featured some of my favourite designers including An Ode To No One, Wonders Cease, Diesel, Lotus Mendes and Minty Meets Munt- so I cant wait to show you the pics!

To tide you over a long ass Monday here are my fave pictures of the day

1. Amazing asian kids. 2. Pip and Me on Palazzo Pants Monday 3. Watercolour dreams 4. and 5. Selection of shots from the BWA, Confident Liar and Spin Dizzy Fall shoot.

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