Locomotion, Slow Motion

Do you sometimes feel as if the world is just moving at 1000 miles an hour and you are scrambling to keep up? Does that sound really emo? Probably. Lets balance that out with super awesome slow motion pictures of puppies (because who doesn’t like puppies) and other sundry items- i.e crayons and balloons and such.

Images: CarliDavidson, 4shared, guzer , Uphaa, Design You Trust, BBC, Pagog



Most weekends, Todd and I make the drive out to Monika’s Doggie Rescue to walk and play with the puppies that have been given a second chance at life.

Many of the puppies come from puppy farms- and if you saw the state of the former mothers who are forced to churn out litter after litter, you would never shop at a pet store again. Their bellies are engorged from years of neglect and abuse, and now are sentenced to a life of diminished movement as their bellies hang down to touch the ground.

Some of the puppies come from the puppy mills, who have never left a cage before, so the experience of 100 other barking puppies and strangers coming in to pet and feed them is entirely overwhelming.

The heartwarming thing is that despite all the neglect and abuse, we have never encountered a bad soul among the many puppies we have walked. Some of them are scared, or a little weird but always sweet and wanting to play!!

I have decided from now on every time we walk a puppy I will put their info up here in the hopes someone will adopt them!

So this weeks puppy is PlutoPup, a super cute, full of beans puppy who just wants some love and attention! He is still a young pup so would be easily trained and is very friendly. He would definitely need someone who could walk him every day!

If you want to adopt PlutoPup head here!

NYC Fancy Rat Convention

I know, I am a ferret person but…this seems pretty creepo (Thanks, NotAnotherFoodie for the heads up).

However there are some things that I like about this Fancy Rat Fashion show. I like that pet-clothing designer Ada Nieves likens chihuahuas to rats “Making clothes for chihuahuas is not much different from making clothes for rats,”. Chihuahuas are pretty gross. No offence to chihuahua owners (geez that word is hard to type).

I also like how fancy they are because everyone likes a fancy pants.


Weird….or What?

The blobfish.

Is a creepy deep sea mofo of the family Psychrolutidae. The flesh of the aptly named blobfish is mostly a gelatinous mass…charming.

The Blobfish is currently facing extinction due to deep-sea fishing although I am not sure who will champion its cause?


Contrary to popular belief, Ligers are actually a living, breathing animal and they are terrifying as f***. They are also called Tigons.

This is the big bully cat that could punch Chuck Norris in the face and walk away unscathed. They grow up to 12 feet long, can run up to 60 miles an hour and are as twice as tall as a man when they stand up…


Enjoy some terrifying images for your amusement.

Read more over at Cracked, a site that Todd (my ginger lover) is unhealthily addicted to.

Images: Snopes.com


Do you sometimes feel as if, when you look an animal in the eyes, they are on the verge of speech? I always imagine when I see a cat he is going to somehow ask me to follow him and I will end up in some sort of Miyazaki paradise.

I say this because the building that I live in is full of cat people (i know…ew). Not that I hate cats or anything, just cat people. In fact, if someone were to present me with a Cat Bus (see below) I would be pretty thrilled. (In saying this I realise that some people will loathe me because I am a ferret person. I know…ew. But im cool ok!?)

Anyways, one of the upstairs residents- lets call him “Foyer-Pooper” (can you guess why? I dont live in a bad neighbourhood I swear!) has this really creepy cat with huge yellow saucer eyes and every time I hang up the washing he just stares out at me, never breaking eye contact, never moving.

I find myself falling into long staring contests with the thing, which I always seem to lose. It could be the cat is trying to tell me to save him from the probable mounds of human doodoo in Foyer-Poopers apartment- but more likely the cat is an a**hole.

To finish off the post, please find an adorable penquin picture for your enjoyment.

Images: Collider.com

Orangutan ♥

I know this has nothing to do with fashion but orangutans along with elephants and alpacas are my favorite animals and i wanted everybody to know Ken Allen’s story. As a baby orangu he kept his keepers busy by unscrewing every nut and bolt he could get his paws on in the nursery. As he grew older, his zoo (San Diego) tried to make sure his enclosure was impossible. Unluckily for them, a monkey outsmarted them in 1985 and he made his first of many successful escape, found mingling with the crowd on the outside of his enclosure.

His keepers, while baffled were not surprised. He had been seen previously climbing a ladder he had constructed from random crap in his yard. So the zoo tried to take more precautions (higher walls, smoother surfaces, females into the enclosure to take his mind off escape…giggidy). To no avail.

They eventually put extra surveillance on him to figure him out, but somehow he knew they were watching him. So they went undercover (hahahahaha). Even this didn’t fool this wily ape.  At one time, he even used their surveillance to help him escape with the enlisted aid of a fellow orangutan Vicki (probs his main squeeze). A workman left a crowbar in the exhibit, he noticed it and pretended to toss it to the side nonchalantly. While the keepers were watching him, Vicky picked up the crowbar he threw to her and began prying open the moulding between two glass panels.

A newly installed electric fence did keep him from getting out again. All is over…WRONG. One day while there was maintanence on the enclosure they had to shut off the power, Ken realised this and escaped for the fifth time…yay! Go Ken!

Ken Allen was born in captivity at the San Diego Zoo in 1971. Ken Allen developed cancer and was euthanized in December 2000, according to the San Diego Zoo’s website. He was 29 years old. RIP Ken.

Check out some of my absolute favorite clever clever monkey youtubes below. They are totally worth watching.