Peplum Pretty

I love peplum waists- they are so elegant and feminine and totally flattering to most figures. If you are curvy it serves to accentuate your waist, and if you are slender it adds curves where there are none.

Cant go wrong with Jason Wu and Charlotte Olympia! Emma Watson rarely goes wrong anyway.

Mary Kantrantzou Silk Satin Peplum Skirt, Alice & Olivia Peplum T-Shirt, Stella McCartney Peplum T-Shirt

Image: Style Bistro


Paper Jungle

If only right!?!

My dream is to have a house soon that has one room dedicated to shoes, and one room dedicated to books. I know we all have fancy Ipads and ebook readers these days but there is nothing like the feel of a book in your hands is there?

I am one of those people that reads about 5 books at once, for several reasons. One, since I have already read most of the books that I read it serves to keep my attention and secondly because I always suffer an hour of deep depression once a book ends because I have emotionally invested in the story and the characters, so I like to prolong the amount of time spent with the book….

That sounds a tad dramatic and clingy doesn’t it?

Right now I am reading:

Rise Of A Merchant Prince by Raymond E Feist

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

and shamefully the latest Matthew Reilly Scarecrow book….

I am pretty much DYING for the next Brent Weeks Black Prism book to come out which keeps getting delayed!

What are you all reading right now?



Hey yall!

It has been a long few weeks since I have blogged but that is mainly because I have been crazy busy.

We shot a super fun vintage inspired photoshoot the other week which was styled around Samantha Wills pieces which I positively adore. The series was shot by the incredibly Nicole form Confident Liar, and starred myself and Pip from Breakfast With Audrey and Em from Spin Dizzy Fall

In other news, I styled a lovely pastel themed shoot for my photog friend Dave, which featured some of my favourite designers including An Ode To No One, Wonders Cease, Diesel, Lotus Mendes and Minty Meets Munt- so I cant wait to show you the pics!

To tide you over a long ass Monday here are my fave pictures of the day

1. Amazing asian kids. 2. Pip and Me on Palazzo Pants Monday 3. Watercolour dreams 4. and 5. Selection of shots from the BWA, Confident Liar and Spin Dizzy Fall shoot.

Images: MoulinfrockBreakfast With Audrey , Imgur, Zimbio

Dior + Demarchelier = Amazing

In love with these shots that are a preview to the book Dior Couture to be released, made up of the years of documentation of Dior by Patrick Demarchelier- who non fashion obsessed people would most likely recall from The Devil Wears Prada (Andy…get me Patrick…).

If only life was a carefully controlled studio full of hair and makeup and flattering lighting eh?

Images: PagesDigital

Shady Days

Sunglass Hut has been very good to me over the last few months and has showered several AMAZING shades upon me including Prada’s Baroque’s and the January Jones inspired Versace’s.

I haven’t really done anything style related on here below so here goes!

Below is an assortment of sunnies/accessories related snaps from MBFFS, the Pedestrian TV and Sunglass Hut Bloggers Lunch, the Tiffany’s launch and the launch of Ode To No One’s collection in Seduce.