Noodle Body Terror

For anyone that hasn’t heard this story…its too gross to repeat in writing but have a squiz for yourselves over at Refinery29 HERE.




I left my phone at home and I feel so naked it is ridiculous. Rather than being freed by the invasive nature of the mobile telephone, I feel isolated and worried that should the need arise I would not be able to contact or be contacted during an emergency.

Thank god for Facey!

Anyways. That got me to thinking about cool phones. Not sure how, but the connection was made. As a result- please find a whole bunch of awesome telephones for your Tuesday viewing pleasure.

NYC Fancy Rat Convention

I know, I am a ferret person but…this seems pretty creepo (Thanks, NotAnotherFoodie for the heads up).

However there are some things that I like about this Fancy Rat Fashion show. I like that pet-clothing designer Ada Nieves likens chihuahuas to rats “Making clothes for chihuahuas is not much different from making clothes for rats,”. Chihuahuas are pretty gross. No offence to chihuahua owners (geez that word is hard to type).

I also like how fancy they are because everyone likes a fancy pants.


Weird….or What?

The blobfish.

Is a creepy deep sea mofo of the family Psychrolutidae. The flesh of the aptly named blobfish is mostly a gelatinous mass…charming.

The Blobfish is currently facing extinction due to deep-sea fishing although I am not sure who will champion its cause?